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EPERC earlier Tech Docs. & Minutes of Meetings

In-Service Inspection and Life Management of Pressure Equipment, Oct. 2001

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EEMUA Publication 211 Guidance on the specification of pressure vessels

This updated guidance deals with the specification of pressure vessels for a variety of different circumstances not addressed in design codes. It brings together the practical lessons learnt about design, manufacturing and testing of pressure vessels based on users’ experience. The guidance examines the circumstances under which repeat post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) may be waived; describes methods for assessing both existing and new pressure vessels for exceptional internal pressures; and covers improvements in the specification and reliability of nozzles. Additionally, the 2nd Edition includes a major new chapter on creep damage.

EEMUA Publication 168 A guide to the pressure testing of In-service pressurised equipment

Since the First Edition of EEMUA 168 was published in 1991, there has been a significant rise in the understanding of the technology surrounding pressure testing. The variety and reliability of non-destructive testing techniques has increased and the application of fracture mechanics has provided a more quantitative approach. The new substantially revised Second Edition of EEMUA 168 reflects these developments and the concurrent changes to the standards for pressure vessels, particularly where ‘proof stress’ is of primary concern.

EEMUA Publication 223 Pressure equipment testing after repair, modifications or re-rating: a guide to the Pressure Test Waiver

This Publication has been developed, in close liaison with the British Health & Safety Executive (HSE), to assist owners and operators of pressure equipment to determine where it may be permissible to waive a hydrostatic pressure test before re-introducing equipment into service and instead rely on other forms of integrity assurance. EEMUA 223 relates to ‘in-service’ situations, such as testing after major modification, significant repair or re-rating, rather than new build.

EEMUA Publication 193 Managing competence assurance for personnel undertaking in-service inspection of pressure equipment

This EEMUA Publication is a recommended practice for Inspection Bodies operating in the process, energy and related industries, whose primary responsibility is for pressure equipment. It presents a structured training, development and competency assessment process for inspection personnel. This revised Second Edition incorporates changes in practice and legislation since first publication in 1998. The scope of this EEMUA Publication is limited to in-service inspection of industrial pressure equipment which is taken to mean all inspections excluding new build and commissioning.

Current State of Pressure Vessel Research in Europe Part 1 (Slides 1-8)

Current State of Pressure Vessel Research in Europe Part 2 (Slides 9-16)

Current State of Pressure Vessel Research in Europe Part 3 (Slides 17-24)

Current State of Pressure Vessel Research in Europe Part 4 (Slides 25-33)

– Dr. Andreas Klenk, MPA Stuttgart, Germany

EN13445- EN13480: Status, Gaps and Needs for a Competitive Set of International Rules

– Claude Faidy, Consultant (Ex-EDF), France

A Study of Negligible Creep Criteria Based on EN-10028 Standard Creep Strength and Yield Properties

– Contribution to CEN/TC 54/WG 59 CREEP MaCoSyMA JRC project deliverable 20149

Metallurgy Made in and for Europe

– The Perspective of Producers and End-Users Roadmap

 Introduction to the document on ‘Guidelines for Repair Welding’

– Produced by The Japan Welding Engineering Society

Please, get in touch with the Japan Welding Society (E-mail: for detailed information on how to purchase the book.

The New Legislative Framework & Pressure Equipment Directives

– By Hans D’hooge, European Commission

Horizon 2020: The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Key Enabling Technologies for European Growth

– By Erno Vandeweert, Directorate Industrial Technologies, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission.


Design of Bolted Flange Connections – The status of the EN Standards – 2022


 Short Report of the TC54 Meeting – October, 19th 2021


60th Meeting of CEN TC 54 May 3rd 2022.

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Editorial – Why do we need a European Standard on Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers?”


BREXIT – Information from British Gov. about new UK marking procedures:

New UK goods regulatory regime

New Rules for Businnesses – The New UKCA Marking

UKCA Step by Step Guide – Autumn 2022

UKCA One Pager – Autumn 2022


The 63rd Meeting of WG53/CEN TC 54 has taken place on May 9th 2022.

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German “TA Luft” – Tech Instructions to prevent Air Pollution (English translation)

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The 61st Meeting of CEN TC 54 has taken place on November 24th 2022.

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