Task Groups

This goal is achieved by regular meetings of EPERC Task Groups, composed by experts who are EPERC members or work for EPERC member companies. Each Task Group is working on a specific subject which is of common interest of the members.

EPERC areas of research priorities already defined by its Members are:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Alternatives to the in-service pressure test
  3. Rules for bolted flange connections
  4. Non-linear analysis

The Task Group conference held in Milan on January 28th and 29th has identified the need for the following new TGs:

 5. Additive Manufacturing (new)

Proposed new TGs: TG6 Creep, TG7 Fitness for Service, TG12: Re-certification of existing P.E.

Click here to see the general presentation of all the TG meetings.