The European Pressure Equipment Research Council (abbreviated EPERC) is a not-for-profit organisation. Read about EPERC’s mission, aims and objectives.

Co-ordinate, develop and promote the common technical interests and strategies of European (1) industry with regard to pressure equipment through: a) research in relation to the international context and European institutions, b) exchange of industry experience in the design, fabrication, inspection, monitoring and safe life assessment and, c) improving the codes and standards by providing industry and research information and data.


  • Identify the needs for research and innovation and make pressure vessel industry safer through the exchange of industry experience and dedicated Technical Task Groups;
  • Establish priorities, timescales, scope and funding requirements;
  • Launch joint research and collaborative programmes and activities based on identified needs;
  • Support the implementation of the joint projects, collaborative programmes and activities;
  • Disseminate research results and industry experience, including through the medium of e-learning, and facilitate the transfer of technology into practice;
  • Assist and advise authorities involved with legislation, standards and other issues concerning pressure equipment at a European level.



  • Safeguard and represent the technical and economic interests of industries in Europe (1) that rely on pressure equipment;
  • Facilitate the free trade of pressure equipment and common in-service requirements across borders at international and European level through harmonisation of standards and legislation, acceptance tests and recommended practices;
  • Promote and encourage collaboration and co-operation through research and exchange of industry experience among the EPERC Stakeholders (Members) with an interest in the manufacture and use of pressure equipment.

(1) References to Europe and European refer to countries that are members of the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, or a country that is a candidate for EU membership as defined by the European Commission.


Participate and Support the Research And Industries solving gaps and needs for innovation, by improvement of related standards, influencing and creating awareness and knowledge and building links with, and learning from the experience of, other organizations involved in Pressure Equipment construction within and outside Europe.

Pressure Equipment Directive



AFIAP – Association Francaise des Ingenieurs et Appareils à Pression (French Association for Pressure Equipment Engineers)