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The main topics of EPERC interest, as defined at the end of 2017, are:

  1. Fatigue (TG1)
  2. Alternatives to pressure test (TG2)
  3. Bolted flange leak tightness (TG3)
  4. Non-linear analysis (TG4)

Three Task Groups have being constituted, one for each of the above topics. Detailed description of these topics can be seen at the EPERC website. But in the Rome conference of April 2019 participants have expressed the need for constitution of further Task Groups, to which all EPERC members are called to participate.


The normal membership fees are as follows:

Individuals: 100,00 € (an individual is a legal person registered in the European Union).

SMEs: 1200,00 € (small & medium-size enterprise – as defined in EU law: EU recommendation 2003/361; employees less than 250, and turnover less than or equal to €50m; Research Technology Organizations (RTOs)).

Large Organizations: 2,400,00 €


Note that all participants at the Rome Conference of April have received a complimentary membership valid up to 31.1.2020, together with a 30% discount on the a.m. fees for the year 2020. Furthermore we are announcing a special offer for all the individual participants at the TG meetings of Milano: a 30% discount on 2020 normal individual Eperc fee.


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