Task Group 3: Bolted Flange Leak Tightness


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Bolted Flange Leak Tightness

Click here to see the report of the last meeting held in Milano on January 29th 2020.

The leak tightness of Bolted Flange Connections is becoming a real problem for the designers, because every year the European legislation on air pollution is becoming more and more severe. Up to now, the European Standard EN 1591.1:2013 is the only standard which permits the design of bolted flange connections taking into account a specified leak rate: however generally agreed gasket parameters are missing, therefore the use of the standard is only possible under consideration of the gasket suppliers’ proprietary data, or considering the results of specific testing to be carried out on the gaskets.

Moreover, as all the new modern methods for the design of bolted flange joints, the design according to EN 1591.1:2013 is based on specified bolt loads, applied with proper tightening devices which assure the control of the load considering also the relevant (+ or -) tolerances. This approach is not very popular with the users, because it will greatly decrease their freedom, in presence of leaking joints, to tighten the bolts as much as possible in order to stop the leak.
Under the “Technical documents” you can download the paper of F. Lidonnici “Design of Bolted Flange Connections – Status of EN Standards”.

Please click here to read the report of the TG3 meeting of Milano, January 29th.

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