EPERC-AISBL is an international non-profit association (in French: Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif) based on the Belgian Law

The Statute, defined according to the dispositions of the Belgian law for the non-profit association, describes the formal structure of EPERC-AISBL [Official in French][English translation]


General Assembly


Operating Agent    |    Board of Directors   |    Technical Advisor


Task Groups


The structure of EPERC-AISBL

The Board of Director is actually composed by:

Mr Claude Faidy (Consultant-France) – Chairman

Mr Andrea Tonti (INAIL-Italy) – Vice Chairman

Mr Guy Baylac – (Consultant-France) – Technical Advisor

Mr Fernando Lidonnici – (Sant’Ambrogio-Italy) – Treasurer

Mr Crescenzo Di Fratta (TÜV Austria) – other member

And the Operating agent is Sirris (Belgium)

The Membership is restricted to organizations, having legal personality under the laws of their country of origin, and to consulting engineers registered in their country of origin, natural persons, supporting the objective of the Association. They must have their legal seat or domicile, respectively, in a country of the European Union (EU), in a country of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) or in a country, which is a candidate for EU membership as defined by the European Commission.

Organizations from other countries than those mentioned above may be invited to participate in tasks depending upon a vote of the Board of Directors. Such participation will be formalized by a case-by-case collaborative agreement for the task.

The Member’s File list is in preparation